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Constantly striving for creative solutions to business needs


Our Vision

Explore Better business opportunities.

Our Mission

Advancing today forward to a better future.

Our Goal

To invest in business opportunities today for tomorrow.

Our History

VITINC was founded in 2018 and we have managed to exponentially grow into multiple industries in short period of time.


Kickstart Your Business

We seek business opportunities that can help create jobs and quality products and services to sustain a long-lasting business model. Our team of professionals hunts various business opportunities and with the dedicated teams we invest in those businesses in various industries. Some of our current investments include the following:

Ebay E-commerce Store

Etsy E-commerce Store

Orange Auto

Amazon E-commerce Store


2 Montessori schools

3 Restaurants

Expanding Orange Traders in various provinces

Financial Advisory

VITINC offers personalised financial consultancy services to customers according to their specific needs, and supports customers in obtaining access to suitable financial resources. Customers have access to our guarantee services, plus investigation, research, locating sources of financing, and negotiation and closing of financing. In addition, we provide advice on financing, and cash flow planning and management, to better line up customers’ cash generation activities with their required repayment schedule, thus improving their fluidity and reducing their defaulting risk.
Our financial consultancy services target those which lack experience handling loan applications and compliance in house. With our reputable relationships and in-depth understanding of market trends we are able to provide a full suite of services to customers. Our financial consultancy services propose a striking opportunity to diversify our business and to create value for both our clients and our shareholders.



VITINC is an investment company that offers shareholders and third-party investors exposure to high-potential opportunities in diversified asset classes. The company manages assets across several sectors, including aircraft leasing, healthcare, financial services, energy, infrastructure, industrial real estate and capital markets. The company has built a strong capability in managing global and regional credit and equity portfolios, which have enhanced the diversification and liquidity of VITINC.