Orange Traders


Orange traders will be going to help Vehicle business dealers around the globe especially our targeted audience in Europe.

Orange traders is going to be a centralized hub portal for all the Vendors related to the Vehicle purchase/sale business and also will help the individuals who want to sell their car, truck or any of the vehicles.

Goals to be achieved


  1. Customer User Interface (Where all the Cars from all the vendors will be listed for customer to view and choose for the desired vehicle).

  2. Partner Portal Dashboard (Vendors from around the globe will sign up for orange traders and through our portal their listing will be available on all the social media platforms pages of orange traders and on Orange traders customer Dashboard).

  3. Admin Dashboard (Orange traders admin portal will allow some premium features accessibility for the vendors who may be want to consume the paid add-ons on their account e.g. featured their ad)

  • 10 Sep 2021
  • Muhammad Ashar